NOVATOP Cross Laminated Timber System

NOVATOP is an advanced solid wood building system which combines the structural advantages of cross-laminated timber panels with the beauty of wood in its natural form.

  • Suitable for any project
  • Exceptional load-bearing capacity
  • Rapid and economic construction
  • Manufactured from sustainable wood
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Project Examples

NOVATOP is suitable for any type of construction project. Browse our Case Studies to see examples of how we can help you.

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NOVATOP Components

See how NOVATOP can help you bring your construction project to fruition.

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If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We offer services to suit all stages of your project.

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NOVATOP Products

The NOVATOP system consists of five basic products:

SOLID for walls and partitions
ELEMENT for ceilings and roofs
OPEN custom-made components
STATIC for roof overhangs
ACOUSTIC for architectural acoustics

Our Services

Our team provide expertise in cross-laminated timber construction from design concept to on-site competion.

  • Initial consultation & quotation
  • Structural design
  • Drawing services
  • Ordering and supply
  • Installation on site
  • Post installation support

Recent News

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