NOVATOP is a complete building solution comprised of a series of cross-laminated timber components. These components are manufactured from dried and layered spruce slats with a total thickness dependent on the number of layers.

The dried wood has a moisture content of approximately 8% which ensures the stability and longevity of NOVATOP components, even with changes in humidity. Slats are glued together using polyurethane adhesives and comply with European regulations for both interior and exterior load-bearing wooden structures. NOVATOP panels feature outstanding load-bearing capacity and stability while also allowing for a beautiful all-wooden finish.

The system is well suited to the construction of any type of building and can also be used for additions, extensions, or reconstructions. It allows the partial delivery of walls or roofs as well as a comprehensive solution for entire buildings.

NOVATOP solutions feature a simple composition, ease of assembly, and use the minimum number of assembly joints. This helps to eliminate many of the challenges previously encountered with wooden buildings and improves the quality of the finished product. These factors also contribute to the speed of construction, ensuring that the project is cost-effective and rapidly executed.

One of NOVATOP’s key features is the ability to keep the exposed load-bearing structure visible on building interiors. This allows for a multitude of modern interior design possibilities using large areas of solid wood and contrasting materials. The entire production process is controlled digitally and produced using state of the art CNC equipment.