SOLID – Walls and Partitions

NOVATOP SOLID components are large-format solid cross-laminated timber panels made from dried spruce slats assembled in layers with perpendicular grain orientation. The number of layers can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. Slats are bonded on all faces using a polyurethane adhesive which ensures excellent stability in all dimensions.

Load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls and partitions.
Ceiling and roof material
Solid roof and floor slabs
Reinforcing components

Visible, Construction (non-visible)

Basic Standard Formats
6000 x 2500mm, 6000 x 2100mm, 5000 x 2500mm, 5000 x 2100mm.Max. 12×2.95m.

Walls: 62mm, 84(42/42)mm, 124(62/62)mm
Ceilings: 81(27/27/27)mm, 84(42/42)mm, 116(27/62/27)mm