Advantages of the NOVATOP System

The technological advantages of the NOVATOP system eliminate common mistakes in wooden buildings and significantly improve their quality.

Solid all-wood construction

With high strength and stability under compressive and tensile stress alongside extreme static load-beating capacity, NOVATOP components create solid and secure all-wooden constructions.

Rapid Construction

NOVATOP components are manufactured to exact dimensions using state-of-the-art CNC processing, including all joints, doors, windows, and project-specific features. The finished components are shipped directly to the site and can be assembled within hours.

Visual Quality

NOVATOP components allow the exposed load-bearing structure to also serve as the internal surface. Joints between panels can be displayed or covered with laths, and lights can be embedded with pre-prepared routing according to project specifications. The exposed wood itself can be treated in the same manner as natural wood. Visual-quality panels are made from higher quality timber with minimal knots and abrasions and are free of joints and adhesives residues.

Non-visual quality panels containing visual defects such as knots, cracks, joints, and stains may be used for cladding and present a cost-effective solution when the panels themselves do not need to be visible.


All NOVATOP components are airtight due to the glued joints between slats and the plugging of any knot holes with solid wood inserts. This allows for airtight construction without the need for a vapour barrier.

Fire Resistance

A skeletal wooden structure can be burnt from multiple sides simultaneously, weakening the structure rapidly and necessitating increased protection or over-dimensioning. Solid NOVATOP components burn only horizontally, dramatically increasing the time taken to weaken the structure. NOVATOP can be used in buildings with increased demands for fire safety by optimising individual building segments for the required fire resistance.

Diffusional Openness

With suitably chosen insulation, the NOVATOP structure remains diffusionally open, or breathable. NOVATOP panels consist of solid wood in the whole cross-section and effectively reduce the penetration of moisture. Part of the moisture progresses into the structure and on into the exterior, part is absorbed and retained by the wood, and after the moisture in the interior is reduced, it is released back into the atmosphere.

Thanks to these features, a plastic vapour barrier is not necessary. The composition is designed with regard to the diffusion resistance of individual layers, keeping the dew point as close as possible to the exterior with any type of breathable insulation.