The NOVATOP System consists of five products covering a wide range of applications to suit any project.

Large format, solid components made from cross-laminated timber. With exceptional stability and variable thickness, SOLID components are ideal for load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls, partitions, floors, or ceilings.

NOVATOP Solid panel image 1

Large format, hollow components using a ribbed structure. With low weight, high load-bearing capacity, and rigidity in both axes, ELEMENT offers a solution for load-bearing floors, ceilings, and roofs.

NOVATOP Element panel image 1

Combining solid panels and beams, these elements offer a high degree of flexibility to suit your requirements. OPEN elements offer a safe and cost-effective solution for breathable, diffusionally open roofs and walls.

NOVATOP Open panel image 1

Developed specifically for roof overhanges, STATIC elements consist of five layers composed of solid spruce boards. These components offer stability under tension or compression alongside a high static load-bearing capacity.

NOVATOP Static panel image 1

Acoustic panels developed to offer exceptional sound insulation for both internal and external sounds across a high tonal range. These panels are made from a solid three-layer board according to the acoustic requirements of the project.

NOVATOP Acoustic panel image 1